Friday, October 5, 2012

Twenty Nine, At Saturn's End

Well, that time has come again, dear friends. I'm getting older. Not that I wasn't older since yesterday or even since I just typed the world "yesterday". Wait ... okay, I'm older again. But that fateful day is again upon us that marks the time, the year, and the triumph that I am, indeed, a document-able year older. And this time, I am confident to say much wiser, as well.

This weekend not only marks my 29th year - my last year as a 20-something, here we go!, but also it marks the end of Saturn's retrograde through Libra::

But the biggest birthday present arrives on October 6, when challenging Saturn leaves your sign after three long years. Since October 2009, Saturn’s turned your life into a personal identity boot camp, pushing you to reinvent from the ground up. Look back to who you were back then: were you a wallflower, a people-pleaser, a fence-sitter? Have you become more bold, decisive and prone to follow your internal compass? Viva la difference! During this period, you’ve added structure, new habits, learned self-reliance—and are far stronger for it. Saturn has been teaching you how to solve your own dilemmas, instead of grabbing your phone and dialing your go-to pal for advice or support. Now, you consult your inner voice first. Please pause to congratulate yourself: this accomplishment is no small feat for your sign, which rules the zodiac’s partnership house. You’re a natural collaborator, most comfortable with “we”-time than “me”-time. Perhaps as the result of some hair-raising, nail-biting or teeth-grinding experiences, Saturn forced you become your own champion. Now that’s some personal growth.

and it was. Now we're here (::puts on mortarboard::):

Here’s the good news: Saturn’s laborious three-year visit gave you a chance to trade your silken-voiced seductions and antiquated avoidance tactics for authenticity and hard-won self-awareness. Yep, you got real, with yourself and others. Now, you have buckets of wisdom to share. (See, we told you there were endless reasons to celebrate!) [...] by now “the truth shall set you free” means a lot more than bumper sticker wisdom. Consider yourself liberated. 
On October 6, structured Saturn moves into Scorpio, your second house of work, money and self-esteem, for the next three years. Now that you’re clear on who you are, it’s time to root your new identity into some concrete forms, like, say, a bigger paycheck. The second house and Saturn both help you prioritize (a boon for notoriously indecisive Libras). Between now and September 2015, you’ll gradually pinpoint what’s most important to you: is it rising in your career? Setting the world on fire? Finding your true love? Having a bambino or two? Once your priorities are clear, make decisions accordingly, building your life around these values and priorities. Saturn in Scorpio helps you focus on depth rather than breadth.

You may believe in the stars or you may not, but I have found astrology to be completely on point - particularly over the past three years - much to my own chagrin. And while it makes me a little nervous to head into new life territories and move on from what I've become acclimated to, as well as noting that my moon sign (which represents inner self and emotion) is also Scorpio, this is a day I have been looking forward to for some time. Although now that it's here, I'm slightly sad to see it go --- slightly, because I do feel I have overcome, found myself and experienced more in three years than I ever could have imagined. 

Three years ago I had just moved out from living with The Ex ; I was acclimating to living with a stranger; I was finding myself again and making new friends. And the amazing things and stories and WTF moments grew from there - exponentially.  I hope it keeps on going this way...but perhaps with less hard-hitting lessons. Then again, I know so much more now than I did back then and I feel so much stronger and self-aware, so maybe I won't fall quite so hard on my own face.

I'll see you in Scorp, Saturn. We'll see where that takes us. Thanks for the ass-kicking...dick. :)

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