Monday, October 8, 2012


Suddenly autumn comes and it's cold again. A feeling of survival burying beneath the fallen leaves, waiting to unearth once winter fades. Blankets added; the heft of the fabric weight and the comfort of a warm bed feels so much more welcoming than months passed. Outside was so much more appealing then. Now, the winter is coming and the sun fades back behind clouds and leafless trees; skin transitions to pale and each species adapts to look like the season upon us. The world scurries back inside. Wardrobe changes and man-made heat again become regular elements of a household once warm with the sweltering sun of summer. Tucked away under blankets with heaters, afraid of the tinge of cold so fast - humans take time to adapt - the world hides inside afraid of the season. The cyclical transition strikes anew. We're unprepared. Suddenly, autumn comes and it's cold again.