Friday, October 12, 2012


Whoop. Nope. Back to this!

This weekend consists of taking off work early, driving to Baltimore, running a half marathon (if my sprained ankle from twisting it in 5 inch heels during birthday festivities lets me ::knocks on wood::), partying in a sister city and horseback riding on a 73 degree high and sunny fall Sunday. Best part is, no one to answer to; no one to miss. And I still have the random ego-fluffing from a number of "gentleman callers" as Blanche Devereaux would put it. 

Speaking of, I got this message in my inbox today on okc: You are so beautiful. I find it really hard to believe that you are single unless it is by choice, because someone didn't treat you right. Would you be interested in getting to know each other better? 

Ah, the age old "what is wrong with you" question in disguise. Correct, good sir, I am single by choice. I'm glad that's still an option; suppose I didn't even realize it was an box I could acceptably check. Sweet! And there's a hilarious bunch of us. Sweeter!

Also, 16 minutes before that one, this one rolled in: Oh my wow, you are the definition of BREATHTAKING

Breathtaking?! Me? Okay, yes. I will take breathtaking any day of the week. I hope he wasn't a Seinfeld fan.