Friday, January 29, 2010

Being Judged Accidentally?

I'm not lower class, I have debt, but I'm not poverty stricken. And yet the other day I felt wholly judged and excluded and belittled for not having the right amount of money. And it sucked a little. My roommate whom I actually get along with splendidly (except for the pot lids that hang around), informed me that, basically, I wasn't invited to live with him - and by him I mean him and his two roommate before me (they lived in a high rise and all worked at the same company -- two got contracted to different states but recently came back).

I'm highly not looking forward to finding a new place to live, let alone a new ROOMMATE. Do you any idea how hard it is for me to find someone I can live with peacefully (although, perhaps college is just a different story entirely  - we will soon find out)? Anyway, amidst the discussion his first reasoning for saying, basically, you can't live with us was someone along the lines of well we do stuff that costs a lot of money and you don't have any and I don't want you getting upset that you don't have the money to play with us. Well, I have my own friends, I need roommates. And why would I get mad, sincerely mad, not kidding jealous (which has wholley diminished since the year of yes. Yes!) because you are doing something that costs a lot of money I can't afford? Congrats. But I'm not that fucking petty and I"m also not that fucking poor. Even if I had money, even in this yes year, I have to be fiscally conscious ... I have my whole life, and I will continue to be the rest of my  life. Money is of little importance. Anyway, that sucked; being excluded, judged and dismissed for my financial standing.

Similarly, I was told that I act "22" because I stay up till 3am on work nights. I get to work late; my work is fine with that. How is my sleep schedule any reflection of me as a professional or a responsible adult? At least he apologized.

Argh. I'm done now...

Friday, January 15, 2010

Yes 3: No Pants Metro Ride

Click here forYes 3. Woo, we're on a roll...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bucket List Update

1. Go to California
2. Tour Alcatraz
3. Take a Diner Road Trip
4. Eat Authentic Southern Fried Green Tomatoes
5. Try Gumbo
6. Gamble in Vegas
7. Snorkel in Hawaii
8. Find my great-grandparents corner store in London and take a picture in front of it (or where it used to stand)
9. Vacation/honeymoon in the Virgin Islands
10. Be someone’s Mentor
11. Be someone’s boss
12. Have a baby…or 4
13. Get married
14. Find my TRUE passion
15. Document my pregnant belly as it grows (God willing)
16. Live in a house with a pool
17. Swim with dolphins
18. Attend a Charity event & donate
19. Find a job I LOVE
20. Invent/co-Invent something
21. Go camping (again)
22. Own a house
23. Plant Lily-of-the-Valleys along an entire side(s) of my house
24. Go white water rafting
25. Canoe/kayak on the Potomac
26. Take a paddle boat ride on the Title Basin
27. Tango (well) to Por una Cabeza
28. Go salmon fishing in Alaska
29. Plan a nice wedding for under 5k
30. See the Grand Canyon
31. Horseback ride on the beach
32. Get a professional, head to toe, massage
33. Have a “spa day” with family
34. Make a difference
35. Paint on the National Mall (area) - don’t be afraid if people watch
36. Do one selfless task a week for a year
37. Eliminate my debt
38. Get a Nursing degree
39. Have a Free Yard Sale
40. Finish a marathon
41. Try (indoor) rock climbing
42. Go wine tasting
43. Eat a pomegranate
44. Eat a real Philly cheesesteak
45. Visit the San Diego Zoo
46. Go to Baltimore Aquarium
47. Drink a $25+ drink
48. Go to Hershey Park
49. Eat a meal that’s $100+/plate
50. Feed an elephant
51. Ride in a helicopter
52. Wear my senior prom dress to an event
53. Have my picture in the newspaper/magazine
54. Be a movie extra
55. Learn to play guitar (for real)
56. Re-learn the violin, figure out fiddlin’
57. Start/co-found an organization/business
58. Type 100 WPM
59. Spend a day giving money and/or food to panhandlers
60. Create/find heirlooms to pass down to my children
61. Cook a Holiday meal for my family, by myself
62. Own land and use it
63. Hug a stranger
64. Make a quilt like my mom's
65. Live near family (and have weekly get-togethers)
66. See Les Misérables (in London)
67. See a show on Broadway in NYC

Monday, January 11, 2010

Yes 2: NYE in Philly

Click here for the full entry. Currently trying to decide if I should scrap the other blog and just keep it all here. Thoughts?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010