Thursday, March 12, 2015


in life, we all do things to keep us afloat. some might go to therapy, or take medicine, or meditate. and some might, say, write a blog, documenting the absurdity of it all because they were once told that "the worst moments make the best stories" and it's the only thing keeping them sane through their twenties or hope alive in their thirties. the idea that one day all of these mean moments and painful stories will lead to some sort of destiny and some kind of crazy, beautiful happiness that ultimately makes the bumpy, thorn-filled ride worth it. but today, today i want off the boat. today, my hope is an elusive dragon whose tail i feel i may have been fruitlessly chasing for far too long and all that exists within it now is a breath of fire - scarring my once indelible spirit.

[explanation to follow]