Friday, October 16, 2009


Back to the post I intended.

For years, I used to describe myself as always laughing. That description is finally becoming suitable again. When I first moved to DC it was extremely difficult. I left everything I knew and basically started over. I went from having family near and multiple circles of friends to having none (except an aunt who lives about an hour away). In a word or two: It sucked. But what goes up must come down – and in life, what is down, comes back up - unless you’re dead.

Now, I’m not uncomfortable with myself or my life anymore; quite the contrary, actually. There is no lie I’m living. I’m broke and I’m struggling financially…and I’m content. I’m independent. I thought it would be so hard to be alone; to have someone next to you nightly for 5 years and to lose it…but it’s not. I crawl into bed proud of myself, my solace. Proud of my independence; proud knowing that I can make a life for myself, by myself and I don’t need anyone else. No In Case of Emergency Contact; just me. It’s just me…and I’m happy.

I’m getting it together. I’m laughing again. And I’m loving every minute of it.

*knock on wood*


Ashli said...

Sometimes I think about moving away and starting over. I'm too chicken to actually go through with it or not.

I'm really digging Public Relations once I finish this degree maybe I'll move to Toronto or something.

And I hear ya about being use to waking up with someone for however many years and then losing that.

3 months ago I thought my life was over.

Hatching West said...

And yet it's only just beginning

(at least that's how i feel)

corny, but true.

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