Friday, September 4, 2009

We'll See Where It Goes

(that's what she said)

As is applicable to my professional life, I have decided to try to promote my blog. Not so much that I think people want to hear what I have to say – although being a newly single professional 20-something in DC may be prove to be quite interesting – but more that I’m curious how much traffic I can actually get (you know, since I'm writing all this anyway). My goal: Reach 5,000 readers in a year.

I have registered my domain and reviewed a number of tracking sites starting this week, e.g. Alexa, Viralogy, Site Meter. Aside from keeping my mother and (eventually) new potential employers from my blog, I’m pretty much open to the world. I’m currently checking out and registering other social media networking sites. It becomes quite interesting to discover what is out there once you start looking: e.g. 20sb. We’ll see how that one pans out.

Internet activity is key to building a readership. To get people to return to your blog, you have to have good content: My life is chalk full of ridiculous situations and less-than-believable-yet-true stories, so as long as people are interested in the rest of the TFLN, I think I’m good. I just have to get them here first: So inter-web activities require increase. Phase one suggests minimal activity. Phase two increases activity. Phase three…well, let’s see where two gets us. This is an on-going experiment project.

Social media is being overly stimulated, but I give it a year for that to die down. However, despite the overuse of new media at the moment, the value of properly used social and viral media is astounding. Really, though. I could call this practice, a research project, or an experiment; but for the moment, I’ll call it a hobby plus lexical therapy and documented memories (since my memory is so good).

I'll keep the Internets updated. Until then, enjoy that shot of Ginkgo in your smoothie.


Nicole said...

20SB works. Twitter works. and secrets in the sauce works!! =D

Ashli said...

If you've registered a domain, when you get hosting it'll track all your unique hits along with an ip.

I have fun figuring out where my readers are from.

Thanks for the link, I returned the favor ;)

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