Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bucket List

Last summer I created a Bucket List while blogging on The strike-thrus are what have been. Anything after 65 is new. (If someone can tell me how to get this list as a permanent gadget, that would be awesome.)

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008
Before I die/in life...

I’m sure I’ll make additions, but, here goes.

My list of things I want to do before I die, or rather in life, I want to:

1. Go to California
2. Tour Alcatraz
3. Take a Diner Road Trip
4. Eat Authentic Southern Fried Green Tomatoes
5. Try Gumbo
6. Gamble in Vegas
7. Snorkel in Hawaii
8. Find my great-grandparents corner store in London and take a picture in front of it (or where it used to stand)
9. Vacation/honeymoon in the Virgin Islands
10. Be someone’s Mentor
11. Be someone’s boss
12. Have a baby…or 4
13. Get married
14. Find my TRUE passion
15. Document my pregnant belly as it grows (God willing)
16. Live in a house with a pool
17. Swim with dolphins
18. Attend a Charity event & donate
19. Find a job I LOVE
20. Invent/co-Invent something
21. Go camping (again)
22. Own a house
23. Plant Lily-of-the-Valleys along an entire side(s) of my house
24. Go white water rafting
25. Canoe/kayak on the Potomac
26. Take a paddle boat ride on the Title Basin
27. Tango (well) to Por una Cabeza
28. Go salmon fishing in Alaska
29. Plan a nice wedding for under 5k
30. See the Grand Canyon
31. Horseback ride on the beach
32. Get a professional, head to toe, massage
33. Have a “spa day” with family
34. Make a difference
35. Paint on the National Mall (area) - don’t be afraid if people watch
36. Do one selfless task a week for a year
37. Eliminate my debt
38. Get a Nursing degree
39. Have a Free Yard Sale
40. Finish a marathon
41. Try (indoor) rock climbing
42. Go wine tasting
43. Eat a pomegranate
44. Eat a real Philly cheesesteak
45. Visit the San Diego Zoo
46. Go to Baltimore Aquarium
47. Drink a $25+ drink
48. Go to Hershey Park
49. Eat a meal that’s $100+/plate
50. Feed an elephant
51. Ride in a helicopter
52. Wear my senior prom dress to an event
53. Have my picture in the newspaper/magazine
54. Be a movie extra
55. Learn to play guitar (for real)
56. Re-learn the violin, figure out fiddlin’
57. Start/co-found an organization/business
58. Type 100 WPM
59. Spend a day giving money and/or food to panhandlers
60. Create/find heirlooms to pass down to my children
61. Cook a Holiday meal for my family, by myself
62. Own land and use it
63. Hug a stranger
64. Make a quilt like my mom's
65. Live near family (and have weekly get-togethers)
66. See Les Misérables (in London)
67. See a show on Broadway in NYC
68. Take a ride on the Savannah Slow Ride
69. See the Beatles "Love" Cirque (in Las Vegas)


Ellen said...

I haven't ventured into your blog site, since I know you don't want me to, but I had to read your bucket list and it's very impressive and soulful.

Hatching West said...

thanks mom. :)

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