Friday, September 11, 2009

Never Forget (but continues to wonder)

Can we cure the world with laughter? Certainly not, but it sure does help. I wonder if the Swiss are funny. How do you make it so you just slip on by without anyone bothering you in the world? I feel as though they must have some good jokes.

“No, Germany, don’t bomb us!”

“Why not?”

“Well, have you heard the one about the horse and the condom…”

I know today is a very significant day. But I guess I am missing how staying angry over something is getting us anywhere; that spewing hate is contributing the US’s “fight on terrorism”. Violence breeds violence. And anger will eat at your soul.

I cannot begin to express my gratitude toward the servicemen and servicewomen of the United States. Nor will ever understand how truly devastating it must have been to lose someone on that day – or because of that day. I have been fortunate. And I am thankful.

9/11 is our parent’s JFK assassination. We all remember exactly where we were that day; in each moment that mattered. And we will never forget.

Ironically, the guy I was dating at that time in 2001 (who was in the reserves), had a status on Facebook today. It read: Today let us remember that they brought the fight to us. COWARDS MURDERED almost 3000 INNOCENT Americans before we even mobilized. You fucking bastards wanted in, well now you are here...and so are we. We won't quit, we won't lose......, WE WILL CONTINUE TO FUCK YOU UP, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME. We won't rest until EVERY lost soul is avenged with your blood...

My response: I'm not sure the Taliban check facebook.

I don’t know what reaction I was expecting from an ultra-conservative group (nothing, really - I guess I don't think sometimes), but, you are speaking to the terrorists first person, via Facebook. This doesn’t seem a touch silly? Granted, I agree with what he says – not so much how or the medium - but my comment was neutral enough...I thought. A moment to lighten the mood should not translate to a moment of disrespect.

Eight years ago today was an awful day in American history, but at some point we have to move forward. Strangely placed anger and strong reactions to silly quips is not the answer. My response wasn’t a slam or a slight – it was a silly observation that the terrorists are not reading Facebook. Come'on, that’s a funny mental imagine. We can laugh about slapping a bitch, or Chris Brown beating Rhianna, or rape or racism or sexism - but a terriorist checking Facebook? YOU’VE GONE TOO FAR!

Laughter is a medicine, not a sin. I’m not making small of the issue. But am I the only one that uses laughter in times sadness? If I die tomorrow, can someone please tell a joke in my eulogy?

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