Thursday, September 10, 2009

Know Me, Then Hate Me

Here is what needs to happen: I need people to stop assuming they know me. Why is it that today's society thinks that meeting someone or hanging out a few times is to know them? Hello, McFly?!

In my life, rarely am I being serious and my dry humor is often lost. I'm not really gonna punch you in the face. It’s a joke. A joke.

In contrast, I will tell you the truth. If your shirt is ugly, I will not hesitate to say so; and if it’s nice, I will say it's nice. I appreciate when this honesty is appreciated: "I come to you because I know you will tell me the truth: How do I look?"

"Good. And thank you for noticing."

A friend boyfriend ex-boyfriend friend once said: “How you were described to me prior to ever meeting you: ‘She's a bitch when you first meet her, but if you can deal with her at first, she's great.’” Fair (to know me is to love me *ping*); but at least at that time (and place) in my life people took the time to actually learn to know one another. Now, I’m left wondering if this is a lost art. Are we no longer interested in actually taking the time to truly know another person? The complexities of their life, their personality and - dare I say it - their soul?

I feel as though I’m spending my twenties sadly forgetting my past connections, as the river of life pushes us into different estuaries, and missing any new ones. Now, at 25, I find myself frustrated that the public is so quick to judge. The ignorance of some people, particularly educated people, is palpable. And it is quickly becoming apparent that those who are less educated are far more welcoming, patient and accepting than those with a college education. Has schooling deluded graduates into thinking they know more than anybody ever could without inquisition? Or are they just too lazy to take the time to inquire?

It is my understanding hope that we have something to learn from everyone we encounter: Born-Agains, drug addicts, homeless, young, old, rich, poor. No one person is better than another person. Just different. And until we take the time to truly understand someone, we cannot pass judgment...or appreciate their worth. Each life has a path; and each path, regardless of outcome, has a history of lessons - and fall backs, and triumphs - and listening to them is a lost art.

I want to bring that back. I want to understand. I want to be understood. I want that wholesome, innocent, childhood curiosity of human nature to permeate the air of my twenties.

But alas, I feel outcast in a city so loveless. So "educated", yet too quick to judge. And I'm getting more frustrated by the minute...

At least get to know me before you hate me. (Thanks Samantha Jones)


Ashli said...

It's funny, I'm honestly described as the same by many of my friends.

I'm not a bitch really, I can be very sweet. However like you I speak my mind.

you're an amazing writer by the way.

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