Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ninety-Three Days

My children simply MUST have blue eyes.

This should not be at the top of my goal list. But sometimes when you’re as indecisive as I am, there are only certain things you know you want and from then on, they are unflinching. Blue-eyed men only need apply; exceptions can be made for green.

the only sunny day was just before my flight.
The past five days I have spent in Seattle. I’m now recovering from what seems to have been a never-ending fun-fest of sleep deprivation, locally-made 'bourbon' and rain. Oh, and a private Ethiopian driver, care of my friend’s dude. So that’s how the other half lives...

This dude was a character. You definitely have to take him with a grain of salt and also pay attention. He’s soft, as someone who sees beyond the surface would notice immediately, but difficult in a stubborn kind of way. He’s kind, but careful. He’s a Libra and, like me, our kind is both completely open and absolutely closed: You have to prove you’re worth what we fear might break us. Or sometimes we just love you immediately and know you’re worth the risk. Either way, he was amusing as much as he was a difficult softie. At one point we went to a fancy pizza place he frequents just before close and after we ordered, he left to go to Whole Foods. Thirty minutes later, just after the Ethiopian driver went to go look for him, my fellow Libra came back into the restaurant gleefully pushing a grocery cart containing two bags to the back of the restaurant, which contained, in part, some “gifts”. For my girlfriend, a shirt still on the hanger; for the driver, a bag of green grapes; and for me, a container of fresh berries, as I had requested them for my champs at the bar the night before.

It was at once the strangest and most hilarious part of the weekend - drag brunch and taking a cab to the car (after riding in an elevator with a man taking his sliced up print to canvas art of him and his (ex?)wife to the garbage ("i had a lot of rage to get out")) at 4am only to find it locked in the parking garage aside. If this is how my interactions with people come across, then I’m totally okay with that. If he’s gets along well in Seattle, then maybe I can too.

This leaves me still, in some sort of weird cross-continental limbo, as I am shopping for a new city. I'm finished with DC; it was fun for what it was, but as I have moved forward in my life, these are no longer my people; my place. That move I always talked about, it's finally happening. Because when you are as indecisive as I am, once you finally pull the trigger, there’s no pushing it back out.

It began some months ago again and I designed a list: Charleston, SC; Denver, CO; Savannah, GA; Nashville, TN; Seattle, WA and back home to Pittsburgh, PA was my list of potentials. For one reason or another, cities were eliminated as time went on, leaving just Nashville and Seattle, hence the reason for my visit: I had never been to Seattle. It was nice, but there’s no clear winner. I have 93 days until my lease is up.

Ninety-three days to develop a new life for myself and the where; this should be interesting for someone who can only choose one of three colors in hypothetical children and nothing else. Welp, here we go. Input is welcomed.