Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dreams 052112

I have been having lots and lots of dreams the past few nights. Monday morning I awoke knowing I had had a slew of dreams but being only able to remember part of one. In it, I was in my house. A guy I know, mostly only via facebook - and tried for a long time to no avail, to ask me out - was in it. He was trying to get me to ask him to say longer/over and I had to ask him to leave. Shortly after he left, I went to bed. After only a few minutes into slumber, someone comes into my room and lays beside me. It's Brett Dennen. He had a key and in my dream I knew him; we'd be together before. (Only oddly, in real life he is neither 1. Attractive or 2. Straight, so far as I know.) He laid down and I turned over and cuddled up next to him. I realized that he was lying in my bed with his shoes on in sheets I had just changed (and I really just had last week). I angerly got out of bed and made him move his shoes off the bed - he was wearing a dock sider, of sorts, light cream with two loose strings and one tie at the top (no other string around the shoe, per most normal dock siders). As I am cleaning the bed and venting my frustrating about the mud and WHO DOES THAT, he apparently had taken the time to get up and leave, by which I was perplexed. At that point though, I think I was just mad enough at the inconsiderate nature of wearing one's muddy shoes into another person's bed not to care much.

Last night I had another round of many dream. Vivid dreams. In the first one I recall slightly, it was an apocolypic-type world. Dark and dank and running away and being chased. It was me, another girl and a guy - of which none I can decifer or recall. We were running through dark, thick forest attempting to escape those chasing us - zombie orc type energies in the dream. The forrest was a deep blue, green, black pallette and we came to a delapidated cabin near a creek. We decided to stop and rest in it; to hide. We thought we were far enough in the woods to not be found. Soon after, the creatures were near. The girl and I hid in a corner of the cabin, though still exposed to the outside. Closer, they were getting and closer. We huddled together, the guy to the right of us - we're facing from where we just ran, hidden behind the dark shadows of the cabin covered moon. He finds us, the creature finds us - his face moving towards mine. I shake myself awake terrified. I calm down and return back to sleep.

Later in the night/early morning, I had another round of dreams. I can only remember one part of a two part dream and I woke up wondering who, in real life had shared that information with me. It took me going back to sleep and waking up again to realize that learning that the guy I had dated last and his new girl were accidentally pregnant, wasn't true. However convinced I was in my dream, so far as I know, it's not (yet) so; if comes true, I'm going to start charging for the third eye of my dreams. I don't usually dream about real people - nor so convincingly. Interesting.

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