Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Importance of Hugs

This is just going to be one of those posts where you go: Everything sucks and I want to talk about it.

Although, it smells more like: I get in my own head and I fret over everything. Then again, it has been a bad week. It's moments like this where I miss a partnership - or better yet, living near family. I need a hug.

I posted a while back that I am laughing more - like I used to, before everything in my life changed, I moved and it all went WHAT?! And that's great - sometimes I even consciously think about it now when I laugh and I thank the Heavens. But after leaving the weekend and laughing into Monday, I received some bad family news - as of yesterday, that news got worse. Then I think I got a photo ticket this morning(out of pure stupidity). Then I got yelled at by my CEO (for something else really stupid).

It's like a total 180 and I find that I let it all get the best of me. Will it all work out? Probably some parts better than others, but I still feel very deflated at the moment. And I kind of really hate it. I just need a hug, but there's no one around to give me one.

It's so interesting how indefinably important human contact is. Newborns who miss out of tactile communication develop slower than children who are touched a lot. And studies have shown that premature  babies are more quickly to heal, grow and develop than babies who are touched less...or not at all. I can't wait for warm weather so I can take part in the Free Hugs Campaign and hopefully brighten someone's day after they got bad news, a photo ticket and a bad moment at work in a 24 hour period. A warm embrace is so simple, yet truly comforting.

The importance of hugs is highly underrated.


Josh said...

I still owe you the other half of the crab-claw hug from yesterday. You can cash it in if ya come out to hatter, otherwise I'll save it for Saturday.

Carrie said...

I'd give you a big boobie squishy hug.

Hatching West said...

Thank you, guys. : )

mmm squishy boobie hugs... mmmm

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