Monday, February 22, 2010

I Have The Rabbit; It's Not Going to Happen

So, I don't get asked out on dates really. It's probably my fault. I'm terribly picky. In men, in relationships, in giving in to temptation. However, I'm going to list this under: Good Trait.

Friends are friends and should stay friends, I think. I'm a Libra so my first impressions tend to be fairly accurate and I can "smell" chemistry, I swear it. Well, I mean, really, we all can  (or a podcast). But perhaps some are more susceptible than others? I do smell everything: before I eat something, I smell it. Before I drink something, I smell it. Someone asks me what something is? I smell it. I smell my clothes. I smell other people's clothes. There have been a number of times I walk into a room and go: Who is wearing this perfume/cologne? So much of my memory is linked to smell. I know they say it's the most important sense (or something), but for me, I feel like my brain takes it that little extra mile.

Back from my tangent, I know pretty well in the first moments I meet you what category you could fit into. I'm in no way interested in a relationship right now, but for some reason I still evaluate guys I meet based on this. (Practice for the future?) The number of people that fit into the category of datable/relationship material is small. (Don't my ex's feel special now?) Perhaps I'm too picky, but I'm just going to say I know what I want. Good spin, Me, good spin. I think I'd like to try to just date, but I'm very honest and it sort of just feels like lying. I'm still figuring this one out.

I had a moment this past weekend where I guess drunk me decided she needed to be kissed. Or just to kiss back. Who knows? Rum told me to do it. Datable? Not for me. And that's fine. However, I find that in DC when someone meets you in a bar (or just meets you), they think they can go home with you and then go home with you. Interestingly, no dates though. I'm just going to throw it out there: Promiscuity is not my thing. I have gone so far as to tell this to men guys penises with people attached and I just don't think they understand. Or maybe they hold out selfish hope.

I want to write on my forehead: IT AIN'T HAPPENIN', but I don't think that would look good with my hair. In a conversation with a girlfriend earlier today, I came up with a good idea for a t-shirt [regardless of owning Rabbits or not]. She said it was "brilliant", so I took about 5 minutes to design one:

1. Don't steal my design. kthx. And, 2. Don't lie, you love it. And if you don't know what The Rabbit is, you should watch more Sex and the City. I just don't understand why boobs and blond hair translates to anyone as easy or stupid. I like to think I'm the exact opposite of both of those...and I can see right through the games.  

Oh, and, by the way, you're losing.