Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Speculate and Chuckle: An Update

I have an update. Is it about my super duper I'm totally ahead of the curve because we officially get kicked out of our house in 59 days because they want to fix it up and sell it so I definitely have to move by then? No, because I'm so far behind the curve that I'm pretty sure I'm the first runner in the next wave. GUYS, WAIT FOR ME! I haven't applied to any but one job; I haven't even picked out a city, let alone coordinated my move, a place to live or anything else. I'm frantically waving my hands in the air behind the last of the pack while I battle tripping over my own feet and nearly falling on my face...


Speaking of waiting for me, my update is about the girl who left me at the airport. A couple of the girls who also went to Vegas apparently took it upon themselves to ask her what happened. On the one hand, I have to hand it to her, Ginger didn't try to offer any kind of she's innocent, I'm guilty spin. On the other hand, she outright refused to talk about it. What she would say, however, was that she did strand me at the airport at 11:30p when she knew that we carpooled and I was stuck without her (okay, I added that part for effect - albeit true effect), but she "didn't mean to".

Go ahead and just blink silently at that for a little bit and then laugh, because that's exactly what I did. Baffled, we wondered just how on Earth you accidentally leave someone at the airport. And since she refused to talk and we're still not speaking, I was left to speculate and chuckle: Well gee I know when I got here and went to Vegas and slept in a bed that something was with me for the past five days but I just can't seem to put my finger on it now. (Or text the human when I realized that's what I forgot.) Totally viable excuse: I left the human but it's okay, I didn't mean to leave her there.

I just imagine her slapping her hands together in her defense, pleased with her silence and argument, and thinking to herself "welp, that oughtta do it". Now if you'll excuse me, I'm having a Kevin McCallister moment.