Friday, August 24, 2012

Politics and Women

This is how I feel about politicians and women's "rights":

Men really need to get a hobby. And campaigns and politics really need to stick to economics and the state of the Union. This POTUS race is clearly focusing on women for the vote. Ignore the focus groups saying we're the swing and leave our bodies alone. It's getting old. Stop it. Just stop. "No uterus, no opinion".

How about we talk about the federal deficit? Or welfare? Or taxes? Or illegals? Or anything else that is slightly relevant to the good of the people? Male politicians making choices about women's bodies is the equivalent of Paris Hilton trying to change her oil - I'm sure she knows it's there, but she has no idea what to do with it.

If women were in office we wouldn't be trying to tell men what to do with their balls. Go grow a pair, dudes. And pick a new topic.

1 comment:

Ashli said...

But it's UterUS Marge, not Uteryou.

I shouldn't joke about this stuff.

I do agree with you though.