Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dreams 111011, 111311

I remember my dreams A LOT. And I always mean to write them down, but don't. I'd like to start. So here seems good.

So last week, Thursday night I believe. I had two dreams. One involved eels, I think, but that could have just been work getting into my head based on a project name I chose for the first project I'm managing since being asked to test drive being a program manager at work. Upgrade? Promotion, you say? Not so much, more of a lateral move, in addition to all the marcomm, web and graphic work I already do - but great on a resume. I'll take it!  (Plus, I get to boss around the engineers I've worked with over the past four years. Score!)

The second dream that night involved family. Not typical. It was me, my middle sister (I'm the youngest, but 2nd oldest sounds weird), my one aunt, my grandmother and my mom. We were running away from people - in war, maybe - outside in this field and we came upon a way out, but to get to the end we had to jump over about 8 lines of wire about 6 inches off the ground that was covered in razor blades. Everyone made the jump safely - everyone but me. I was tore up (from the floor up. what?). Everyone was trying to save me, the enemies were on us. And I took the time to look at myself, feeling terrified for what I'd see - I felt covered in blood. And I saw my reflection, which was harsh, but not nearly as bad as I was expecting. My mother was helping me and my grandmother and aunt were aside, watching. At some point my sister was back on the wires, behind me, but she wasn't cut or stuck like I was - perhaps she was delicately walking through them. I was panicking, trying to figure out how to get out of the razor wire, and the embedded straight razor blades out, without dying...then I got one out and it was simple. I started to pull myself free and instead of bleeding everywhere, they were coming loose so easy. I pulled myself away from the wires as my dream was ending (or at least what I remember of it). 

On Sunday night I had an odd dream. It was of my ex. (The real one, not the last reject/pink elephant I dated.) I was at his apartment and I"m totally unsure of the context in which I was there. He was wearing a blue shirt I discovered that his belly and back were completely waxed. (NOT the type.) We start heavy petting for approximately 20 seconds and I realize I don't want back into that. We stop. One roommate comes in. A few minutes later his second roommate comes in complaining about coffee and donuts. He works at a Starbucks and complains about it and how working at Dunkin Donuts was so much better. While eating a donut he said he got for free. This roommate was Dave Chapelle. My dream ends while Dave Chapelle roommate is talking about needing to find a new job and the ex is concurring that his part-time "professional" job needs supplementation too.

I guess my subconscious thinks Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks aren't great places to supplement an income...but the free donuts are probably great.

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