Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I know girls are suppose to understand their feelings - but, lets be real, I'm kind of a dude. They confuse the hell out of me too. Then again, maybe I'm a normal girl and feelings to anyone are that huge bug that gets in your bed and when you feel it crawling on you, you jump up and are all "WHAT THE BLOODY HELL, DUDE?!" and spaz out, running around your room naked with a shoe in your hand, taunting the damn thing with "I'm gonna find you", like it understands. I know how to kill a bug - but feelings, I do not. I can identify a feeling and then, depending on the situation, I have no idea what to do with it. So I kinda just stand there with my proverbial hands in my proverbial pockets, waiting for something to happen; the bug to crawl on my leg - and frighten the bajesus out of me - the shoe to drop, and then I spaz out. All of that is scary: The bugs. The feelings. The nakedness. It is so frightening; sometimes I just want to bug bomb my heart, so to speak. Horrible line, there. I think I just created the lyrics to a really terrible 80s song.