Monday, March 1, 2010

Not Again

And then she wonders when it's just enough.

On Saturday I went on a Limo Scavenger Hunt around the District with 9 friends. It was mildly frustrating to try to organize people that were just not-paying-attention-drunk, but other than that it was quite enchanting. And a bit of a riot. I'd love to show you some photos, but, alas, my camera is gone. Again.

I had vodka, but really, not much. I paced myself and had a lunch because, with the festivities starting at 2:30, and an event such as this, I wanted to make sure I could remember ... and last. I did. Then I got upset because, like usual, I felt as though I wasn't being treated in a situation the same way I would treat other people. (This is how I'm often hurt. And upset.) Then someone screamed out calling me a bitch...and Libra temper storm. (There is so a zodiac-tical blog coming this way.) Anyway, lets talk through that one, then we went to the bar. Where I still had my camera.

I had some really fantastic photos on there. Madam's Organ, My Brother's Place, Blackfinn, photos in the limo, etc. etc. I'm really sad about losing them. I"m happy I have my memories, but...ya. At this point, I'd rather have the camera back. At the bar my camera was there as they tallied up our points. Then I had a drink. Someone bought me a shot. A SHOT. No, girl, what did I tell myself about that? But after being upset by my friend(s), I needed a drink. Or I was just drunk and forgot my no shots rule. Then I really started to time travel.  I suppose everyone left the bar; I left with my bookbag and camera and went to a house party somewhere in the District that my friend was at. Chinatown...maybe?

I saw a guy there I had randomly met last year when he was handing out Dr. Pepper samples by Union Station. Have I mentioned my life is a series of very random events? Anyway, after my sunglasses broke and a series of other random things, I left the party with the Dr. Pepper kid and his friend: We went to get pitas in what I believe was Georgetown. My camera was there. The pita was delicious, but after not eating for 12 hours, I think it just made me hungrier. We left. I bitched about my broken sunglasses the whole ride home (who knows why I still had them.) This probably distracted me from my lack of a camera (but seriously, why would I have not put it in my pocket after taking a photo at the pita place?) I think he dropped off his friend at home. He took me home. My camera is not there when I go to find it. (Dr. Pepper kid said it wasn't in his car, is it wrong I want to search it myself for peace of mind? If you want something done right...) I just don't understand. Where could it have gone? I had it all day and I lose it 20 minutes before getting home? I just don't understand.


All those photos... :(

This is like the 4th camera in 6 months that was lost/stolen/broke. Why is my camera karma so bad?! Perhaps I should find the shittest one I can find, then no one will want to take it (which is all I can assume that happened). Or just give up entirely.

Have I sighed yet? Can I do it again? ::sigh::