Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sexy Beards & Great Music

Recently I have developed this fond facination and inexplicable attraction to men with beards, al la Ray Lamontange (right).  Talk to me months ago and I would have said “yuck”. But the longish, “floppy” Seattle-based hair and longish mountain man beards is so sexy. I don’t know that I would enjoy kissing someone with all that scruffy goodness, but damn if it doesn’t make me want to. Or at least grab it and play with it a little.

I don’t know how long it will last, but it’s a good look and I like it and I’m never going to find that in DC, am I? With a city full of peacoats, ties and men who are overly full of themselves for no reason (but that’s another blog entirely), they wouldn’t be caught dead with a 5 o’clock shadow. Midnight shadow? Yes. 5o'clock, no. [Side note: Midnight shadow is my name of those beards that are just enough scruff (nice drapes, dude) to look like a beard but have no length and are kept pretty well trimmed as a “look”.]

Moving along with delicious (hello there), the Avett Brothers have some killer beards and floppy hair (most of the time). In addition to their total recent sex appeal (to me), they have amazing voices and songs. I’ve been told about them for a while by my ex, but nothing really resonated with me until their latest album: I and Love and You. Last night I came across this gem while scrounging for new music on iTunes - I fell in love in my allotted 30 seconds:

And while reading the comments on YouTube about how inexplicably amazing they are live that it makes their recorded songs pale in comparison, I looked up some live performances and came across this (no need to watch, just listen while you work):


Holy shit if this doesn’t make you go: Damn...beautiful. The three lives songs are great and show not  only their vocal and acoustic range – but their range as complete musicians from bluegrass to pop to a melodic love song with drippingly wet vocals. Goodbye Mr. Lamontange, I have new mountain man beards and gorgeous hair to drool over.

Gaga, you’re lovely, but I'll be back later.


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