Tuesday, November 17, 2009


And I'm not talking about that God awful Mariah Carey song. No. Dear God, no.

However, I am currently obsessed with The Ga's new song: Bad Romance. I've been in love since winter and was the first to play her for all my friends (you're welcome, Rocket Bar circa January '09) and have played out her songs a little and couldn't be more excited for Fame Monster. I like music that makes me not care that I'm dancing in my airplane seat and the fat lady on the aisle seat is staring or that I'm rocking out in my car the the truck drivers slow down to laugh or be jealous that I can have that much fun by myself. Suck it CBLover1212, you'd dance too.

So I took my plane to Nashville to meet my niece - the cutest baby in the world - (as I lose ambiguity on my blog) and rock climb for the first time (since a friend non-blood relative of mine is a rather avid climber and has all the gear and know-how). And I'm obsessed. So addicted. So relaxing. I feel so refreshed. I'm more obsessed than the first time I heard Poker Face. (Do you know me? That's a lot.)

I've been waiting for my hobby to come along. Now, I just need a good man with a nice beard and a cute face underneath who can belay me and make cute, smart babies (so I don't have the ugly grandkids in the family). Too much to ask? Maybe so. For now, I'm going to focus on getting my next fix of climbing. I've been waiting for an addiction - now I just needs to figure out how to follow through. I'll muscle up in the meantime...starting tomorrow...:)

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