Friday, November 20, 2009

The Ga!

In keeping with my love for Lady Gaga (or The Ga, as I like to call her), I found her leaked album (without having to sign up for an account). Click here to listen to her entire new album. Yes!

Not only does she refuse to lip-synch (Gossip Girl does not count), but she is willing to give her music away for free - and a week prior to her album (re)release. Ah, a woman the lives for her art and not just the money it has the potential to create. A true artist. She is so Andy Warhol-esque. And I love it.

I've been saying it for a while now, but she is the new queen. Madonna, you can go have a bon-bon and age gracefully now - your replacement has arrived, and like any good revision, she's a vast improvement because this girl can sing. And write some killer songs with infections beats.

But it's not like you didn't notice that already. Work it Gaga. Work it!

[Update: My top picks of the new songs are definately "Monster" and "Dance in the Dark" - aside from "Bad Romance", of course.]


Ellipses said...

I heart lady gaga. Seriously, people think I'm being a sarcastic dick when I say that, but for all the reasons you mentioned, I am a fan. I am goo goo for Gaga

Anonymous said...

The only thing that really annoys me about Lady Gaga is that I've been listening to her for a while... like when she had brown hair. I got bored when her music hit the radio and I wanted to pull my hair out because it was on every 2 seconds. I'm loving the new stuff now though. I just hope the radio doesn't ruin it like they do everything else.

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