Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Away We Grow: Update 1

Remember last summer when I decided what to do with my hair I'd been growing out? And donation seemed like a super swell idea? When we last left off, my hair was here:

July 2012
I knew in creating this goal that I was gonna be getting into a bit of uncharted territory, but I didn't expect growing out my hair to donate would be quite such a labor of love. It was good to a point and now I count down the inches until I can cut it off. I curse the time it takes to wash it, dry it, the lack of being able to do much of anything with it anymore - which I realize seems totally counter-intuitive, although I got some bangs cut last year for a little bit of change, but now even those are boring. I'm not a long hair girl: There's a reason it's been above the shoulder since the 6th grade. But I'm doing this. It's for a good cause and I'm thankful I'm healthy and I can. So, just so you know I'm still here, still growing out my damn hair. And despite being convinced I'm not making any progress (especially after each time I head to the salon for a trim - and I have another next week), it appears I am; slow and steady. I'M GOING TO DO THIS!

Nov 2012 - bangs!
Sept 2012 - cameo by my niece :)

March 2013
Sept 2013 - sydney

Oct 27, 2013
Don't mind the wire-y look there; it doesn't usually look like that. This was the morning after Halloween did this with it:
Sandra Dee - get it?!
Figured I might as well use the hair. :)

Just a little more ways to go now...right?! RIGHT?! Good Lord, I hope so. I'M GOING TO DO THIS. While some people might not think this is a big deal: Grow your hair, quit your bitchin', it's like putting a girl who's never worn heels in 5 inch stilettos and saying: Okay now go run walk a marathon. I've slowly just rounded the corner into mile 20.


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