Wednesday, August 14, 2013


"You're sweating your future right? It's a shame, because you could have a much more exciting present if you really wanted."

I watched this Netflix movie the other day: TiMER. More specifically, I watched it August 1st, which is fitting considering the psychics all said 2013 is when I'd meet by "mate" (and one, August 2013). I suppose this isn't fitting until you understand the plot:

So basically the movie was bout this chip people could have implanted on their wrists that counts down to when they meet their soul mate. And when you two lock eyes for the first time, a beep goes off to alert you. And at first I thought: Well gee, that's just splendid! The hopeless romantic no longer hopeless in this world of chipped love. But then the movie did this thing where it made it more complicated and difficult to know. Their lives became run by their TiMERs; killing the thrill of the unknown and eliminating any of life's crazy little detours.

The main character decided she was tired of her TiMER dictating her life and wanted to remove it. Just when she was about to take back control of her (love) life, something happened [look ma! no spoilers! go watch it.] and the ending was bittersweet - being backed by the complications of her TiMERs implications.

So, you see, I found this fitting in that I felt that the psychics were timing out my love life. Like my same evolving feelings about the flick, I thought at first I liked the idea of an end date; I don't like it now. It feels almost like a perplexing burden, albeit a bit silly.


I was talking to a girlfriend the other day: We were chatting the day after Pretty and she mentioned psychics and I confirmed one had said August was the month. She countered that it was bad timing, as I had just posted the list of single victories the week before. I do love that list, but on either side of the fence, you're always going to miss something. When it comes to single versus coupled, there are sacrifices and gains in both situations. It's always bittersweet.

Appreciate what you have while you have it: This is something I've been trying to remind myself of lately. And I'm kinda tired out thinking about all this love shit. I'd rather just dance. Or eat. Or go camping. Anything else. The idea of this countdown is terrible now. It's like the idea of the TiMER: I'm suppose to assume it's coming for me, and it sort of became a nuisance. Like someone fed a Mogwai after midnight, it went from cute to terrifying.


I have been talking to ER lately as he's been obsessed with pairing up...still. Ted Mosby style. On constant rotation, he meets a girl and becomes convinced she's his match. He changes his stories to suit the moment. He comes to me for advice. When she realizes it's over and he admit she's not his mate, he becomes melancholy; wants to know why and then slowly sets back to zero. It's a little exhausting.

For months I've tried to reason with him; to just wait and stop trying to force things. But sometimes it's akin to running into a brick wall and then riding a really short Ferris wheel without much a view. The poor chap just wants true love and I get that. "Be patient," I say, "she's on her way". He wants to know when, but there is no when. "Enjoy being single; being careless," I tell him in the same way that I remind myself - when I forget to appreciate what I have while I have it.

There is much excitement in the life of the unknowns if we just let it be unknown. Maybe it's August; maybe it's not. Maybe it's 2013; maybe it's not. It's bittersweet to have a countdown, but, in the end, it's really only time that will tell anyway. Until then, we should live life in the moment and not to worry about the future; not the countdown on a chip; not the prophecies of readers; not Ted Mosby on TV, but just enjoy the ride and all its funky little detours. I guess that's the point of the movie. I guess that's my point too.