Friday, March 11, 2011

simply. blind.

Quickly, she snaps back, and she thinks - or recalls, perhaps – that anyone worthy would be willing, and wishful, and lucky…and not crazy-making. And even so, she thought, so what!, so clung so much to the thought of that which she desired, that she squeezed the everything – and nothing at once – out of it. And so what!, she is worthy: The good, the bad, the ugly, the panicked, the temporarily insane, the beautiful, the jaded, the accidentally judgmental, the drunk, the sober, the funny, the failed, the tests and the mishaps. You live them; love them; accept them. Question them, certainly, and learn. And fall.

But those with no patience: The unwilling and unworthy. As perfect in blindness they may seem, are not. They fail for a reason. And one day, someday soon, there will be what she comes to know as spectacular. And maybe there will still be questions and insecurities – the past never fades simply because the future holds promise – but he will fight. He will comfort. And with that he will secure her heart. And with that she will show him the world with abandon and never look back to the days of yore where everyone else seemed complicated and confusing but were - she has come to find in this vast new love - simply. blind.

She listened to this.