Wednesday, March 2, 2011

G-Chat Snippet of the Day: On Yours Truely

B: was that FB comment too dirty?
me: haha. no.
i'm just bustin balls
it's what i do
B: yeah yeah
i know
me: are you also aware i show affection by picking on t hose i care about?
B: i have learned this.
me: you have?!
B: just like your affinity for cake
me: oh good.
i do like cake.
B: i know.
it's cake... what's not to love
me: when it's gone
Ben: fair point
me: aaaaaaaaaaaah thank you
B: i don't think some people realize your picking on them is a show of affection though
i think most just get upset
me: ya. i realized this recently.
how did you figure it out?
B: just observing... i'm a good observer
me: evidently.
i like that about you, i just now decided.
me: impressed you picked up on that
like i didn't even notice till my natal chart pointed it out