Monday, April 12, 2010

Gchat Snippet of the Day

 AK:  hmmm maybe you can get really ugly
 me:  psh! please. have you seen me?
 AK:  hahaha
help! it's an emergency!  i'm hot and there's no one around to see!
 me:  it's like a really good parallel parking job that no one is there for.
 AK:  or wanting to deliver a donkey punch when you have no schlong to do it
 me:  strap. on.
 AK:  check. mate.

See Also (there appears to be an accidental theme today):
M:  How did this come up again!?!?!
 me:  i have a problem with this.
also, that's what she said.
 M:  Ha, OK... I'll give you that one
 me:  it was a good one.
 M:  It was in the middle of the pack
 me:  was that a vagina joke?
M: no it was not
me: it shoulda been

J:  it doesn't taste great
but it doesn't taste awful
me:  that's what she said

--------- Just call me Micheal Scott. I'm just not tired of that joke yet...get over it. ----------