Friday, June 6, 2014

Get Ready.

The incredible urge to write: Where have you been my wilting flower?! It seems back now. Like an addict ready for relapse and there as so many things I've missed and want to retrace. So many feathers yet to ruffle. And so many moments of missed catharsis of this weird new life I have since turning 30 to work through. But I'm coming back now and I have some time now and I'm going to share now.

Topics will include:

A Potato At Christmas
The One Where I Went on a Date with a Recovering Mormon and Took Home a Beautiful Gay
The Baby Raccoon
There One Where My Mom Watched Me Get Run Over
Update: The One Where I Got Ditched at the Airport
Friends are Like Wardrobes
The Disintegration of Love
Away We Grow: An Update on Hair
My Grandpap Thinks I'm Beautiful

Get ready. I write. You read. And go!


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