Monday, August 22, 2011

As Predicted.

So. As predicted, I was right about what would happen with that guy. I'm not surprised. I know people and situations. Perhaps then, my prophecies are less about a sixth sense and more about sensing the correct perceptions of situations.

I think people get older and they get lonely (and fat) and scared. And I think when that happens they all get eager to grab on to the closest thing they can find. And then have sex with it.

It's not difficult, then, to divulge, that if you started seeing someone due to this predicament, that you would do everything to see past their faults. The lady in the scenario we think was lonely. (I say we, because, as discussed, I am not alone in such a presumption.) And you think you can trust your friend and bang them and oh boy let's get married...Riiiiight.

Well, per prediction in the days following both of us figuring out he lied to the other, she wasn't speaking to him. No surprise there. Despite this I still said they will date again and ruin their friendship because of it. Why? Because a solid relationship should never emerge from loneliness and 2. Anything lasting can never begin on a foundation of lies.

While I'm sure he sweet-talked his way back to her, and, for whatever reasons she believed it, it makes me realize that he - not as previously stated - is not the changed person he claimed to be in the first days it all went down - which I previously suspected. She can't be that dumb: There's no way she would date him if she knew everything that went down. So whatever he sold to her was less than the truth, and I'm not willing to re-friend a person that has, no only not changed, but increased his douche factor by lying to that girl - as she still looks at me with suspect eyes (trust me, dear, that is never a place I would EVER desire to go again) - and telling her whatever he needed to to downplay his despicable actions. And thus, lying to me and changing his story to suit whatever it is he needed to appease her.

So I knew how the story with he and I would go, a year before it went. And I know how the story with she and him will go, before it ever started. And neither end up well. But, like the advice I ignored, you can't tell someone how to feel - she just has to figure it out on her own. Friendships don't grow into relationships - people just get bored of where it was and lonely with who they were - and then you lose everything.