Monday, June 7, 2010

Still Here

Dear Neglected Blog, I apologize.

Life has been a flurry of activities and too much grocery shopping. This past weekend I did a booze cruise on the Potomac, falling asleep at about 4am after stealing a ride home from two guys from Boston who started talking to me just to ask if i was "actually with" the guy I was with. "No, we're friends." Then we all got in a cab an they were staying at a hotel about half a block from my friend's apt. who I was staying with that night. Exiting the cab they said, "Well, it looks like you got a free ride."

"Yup. Thanks." And she walks away, wondering if she really needs to explain ever at all why she is single and never gets asked out on dates. My wonderment lasted all of about 13 seconds. Then I time traveled to passing out. I woke up at 8am, and headed out to get on the bus to go to the wine festival all day. I think I wasn't sober yet when I started drinking again. Okay, I was. But so sleepy - however most all of us were on the boat, thus in the same boat. I remember most of the festival - much more than the boat. But then the shotgunning bagged wine on the ride back and drinking a bottle purchased at the festival was a bad idea. We returned, I used my friends shower, then we cabbed out to our next destination, ending the night at an iHop which was delicious but I couldn't tell you what I ordered. Prior, I had Hard Core cider. There was a lot of dancing...and I bought a 35 pack of orbit at CVS to get cash back. This is what my mind chooses to recall? Interesting.

I got back to another friend's and realized my camera was gone. He called where we were (thank you, love) but no luck. Sad I lost my camera, I went home the next day and napped and watched Scrubs and was elated to learn that my friend who's shower I used had my camera on his coffee table.

So, with that, the weekend was officially a success. And I slept for at least 16 hours yesterday (to this morning).

Um. Yes. So, my Yes Year is going awesome, but the blog is suffering as I have no time for upkeep - a flaw in the design plan, I think.

Wait, this isn't the blog I intended. I'll regroup an be back shortly. Thanks, MNGT


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