Friday, May 7, 2010

Nashville in Need

Nashville flooded, but you might be unaware. It's sort of  pathetic that the news just brushed over this devastation (see video below) in the 60 seconds they gave it between and oil spill that didn't kill anyone and a Time Square bomb fail, that also injured no one. Over 20 people have died due to this flood and billions of dollars of damage have been done. 

It's really quite astounding that something so devastatingly gorgeous can be so destructively heartbreaking.

Below are photos my sister, a Nasvillian, took today. My blessedly lucky family and other Nashville loved ones are safe and dry. Others were not so lucky; my sister went to help out those today and got to view the destruction of the water first hand. Entire homes...ruined. (click to enlarge)

She said, ""It is unlike anything you can describe [sic]. Encourage everyone you know to donate - these people have nothing, nowhere to go, and are literally living day to day on the generosity of others." 

If you'd like to help, donate, spread the under-spread word, go here.