Sunday, August 30, 2009

Time Traveling

So last weekend my paintings were "stolen", missing or whatever when I got up the next day. I don't recall what happened to them, but thankfully my roommate informed me - as he heard the conversation from his bedroom (at like 5am). It took me the next 2 days to get them back. So I took it semi-easy this week and went out Wednesday for kickball and Saturday to a winery then the open bar for kickball. (I swear I do more than kickball crap.)

Despite keeping telling myself that I should put insurance on my new phone, I neglected to do so. So, what happens? I wake up this morning with everything in my purse - everything but my phone. God damned. But I don't remember that either - and I definitely took it easier last night than a typical open bar would suggest.

The day after drinking usually opens with a lot of sentences that start with "I remember...". Then I wait for people to fill in the blanks. It occurred to me some time last year that I have more than likely forgotten, or rather never remembered, a good deal of fun times in my life because of my time travel.

I got curious today about why this happens: "Alcohol induced amnesia". Sound serious. Lately it's more of a "time travel" where I remember bits and pieces, but I have lost entire nights from time to time. And apparently there are a number of people that don't believe that this actually happens; that people just don't remember events while drinking. Well, it happens folks. A lot. And no, Mom, it's not "serious" and I don't have a problem because I go out twice a week (sometimes more). I'm a "W.A.S.P.", which is half your fault, and W.A.S.P.s are suppose to drink, so lets move on. Back to the time travel, or blacking out, if you prefer, it's odd. However, I think if I remembered drunk me, I would never drink again. So I take this as a suggestion that God wants me to continue drinking.

Now I sit back and wonder how people can remember things when they drink (and why some don't); as this is a completely foreign concept to me. I also wonder how other people's memories work in general because I can't remember 90% of the past 25 years. So perhaps there's something wrong with mine? I'm unsure, I can't remember...

[Update: Phone found! : ) So I will be putting insurance on that.]


Anonymous said...

From a real-deal, honest to goodness "alcohol education/awareness/safety" class: if you've "blacked out" more than 3 times, you're in danger of becoming an alcoholic.

Hatching West said...

I am in no danger of alcoholism. But I appreciate the concern.

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